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The perfect guests at Aux deux Lions Inn -The Robert Payne Group

The perfect guests at Aux deux Lions Inn -The Robert Payne Group

Dear Friends/Colleagues:

I had the pleasure recently of welcoming Robert Payne, his charming spouse Judith and four of their friends to Auberge Aux deux Lions: Tun and Dan Lawson, Dorothy and Bob Bowland. Our pleasant guests - all from Ontario - were with us for a total of five days over the 2009 Labour Day weekend.

My friends, your warm and lively personalities were contagious. Your decency and love of life led to some memorable moments during those five days, moments I will cherish for a long time. When I dropped into Resto La Scala, Victor and at Le Graffiti to check on you, I was reassured that I had made the right dinner recommendations for you.

Dorothy, Tun, Judith, Bob, Dan and Robert, I thank you for the pleasure of your company, and I trust that our paths will cross again - sooner than later.

All the best! 

Jean-François Dulac

My friends and I (three "mature" couples in total) wanted to spend 5 nights in

Quebec City for an (extended) Labor Day weekend (September 2009). I was given the task of researching and landing an appropriate locale (based on availability, price and proximity to where we wanted to be)

I did an Internet search and, based on the above criteria, came upon Auberge Aux deux Lions (Inn of the Two Lions is its closest English translation). I phoned and ultimately made arrangements with the owner/manager, Jean Francois DuLac. At this point, I was impressed by his welcoming attitude, his willingness to accommodate our requirements, the offered amenities and a general feel-good aura coming down the phone line.

Came the day of our arrival, September 3rd, Mr. DuLac was there to greet us and show us the lay of the land. This included not only the physical premises but also an explanation of their offered services and the availabilities of the surrounding neighborhood (restaurants, sights of interest and the in-house amenities which include a communal kitchen with coffee maker, small fridge, ironing board and virtually all else we might need/want during our stay).

Our rooms were clean, tidy and equipped with television, Internet access and in-unit bathroom/washroom facilities. By the way, we had a total of three rooms - one each for three couples. We also benefitted from a shared patio, lounge and ample parking space.

Better still, we found Mr. DuLac to be a gentleman with an honest desire to make his visitors feel important. Not only did he ensure we felt at ease with our living space, but he also recommended certain eating/drinking establishments which, when we agreed to them, he would complement with his own brief, unobtrusive visits to ensure we were enjoying ourselves.

The neighborhood in which Auberge Aux deux Lions is located is not only within easy walking distance of "old Quebec," but also even closer to amenities such as transportation, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and liquor stores.

All six of us had nary a negative comment during the 5 days we stayed there. It more than lived up to our expectations. And we'd glady return for an even longer stay.
Robert Payne
Toronto, Ontario

Breaking News Bulletin!

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September 9, 2009

Experience Doubled at Auberge Aux deux Lions!

Bob Bowland, Quebec City 09-09-09:

Host-Manager Jean-Francois Dulac has scored a double whammy with Auberge Aux deux Lions. Our party of three couples enjoyed the Labour Day weekend over a five night period from Thursday through Tuesday. An absolute smash hit. The hotel is very well situated. Near many interesting shops, stores with everyday needs and the best restaurants. The rooms are very clean, each with its own character. Enjoy the convenience of a central kitchen. From the moment we arrived we were treated to the many facets of Quebec City only steps from Auberge Aux deux Lions. Restaurants suggested by our host were six stars out of five. The Old City was a simple ten minute walk with all of the charm of the many shops, taverns and of course, the street vendors displaying their countless artistic abilities. And, not to forget, the live entertainment of many buskers.Be sure to try the Ecolo-Bus. Free. It takes you all through the Old City, but has a circuit that takes it nearby Auberge Aux deux Lions. If you want off, press the little “bell” button near the door. We missed that feature and the driver took us all the way to the Market on the waterfront. No problem, we were ultimately headed for the lower Old Town anyway.

Although we are from Ontario and primarily English speaking, two of our party were fairly fluent in French. Result, we were able to blend in and enjoy the culture of the holiday to the fullest. Regardless, the people we met on the street and those behind the counters in the shops and stores went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

Jean-Francois made our holiday twice the experience we thought it would be. We were treated like celebrities. He even visited the restaurants we enjoyed to take our pictures. Probably the most enjoyable moments though, were our end of the day gatherings on the balcony overlooking the street. A glass of wine, some fine cheese and a visit from our host who genuinely wanted to know how we enjoyed our day. We are certainly going to miss the attention at any other like hotel.

Bravo, Jean-Francois. Eleven stars out of ten.

Bob Bowland is a retired Broadcast journalist and radio station owner.